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Consumer Education
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Prerequisites: 12th grade enrollment
Level: 12th grade
Credits:   .5

Course Description

Consumer Education is a required senior economics class that emphasizes information on the economy, financial planning, banking, credit, insurance, housing, business law, investments and taxes.

Course Objectives/Goals

  • Students will know and apply knowledge about the U.S. Economy
  • Students will be able to apply concepts about technology as a consumer
  • Students will be able to understand their rights and responsibilities as consumers
  • Students will gain information that will help them choose a career
  • Students will know basics about taxes, investing, saving, credit and general banking
  • Students will gain information on some other topics such as insurance, housing, automobiles and the global economy
  • Course Outline


  • Decision Making
  • Consumer’s  Role in the Economy
  • Advertising
  • Being a Responsible Consumer
  • Global Economy
  • Consumer Protection

  • Consumer Rights and Responsibilities
  • Government and Consumer Protection
  • Deception and Fraud
  • Resolving Consumer Problems
  • Choosing a Career

  • Getting to Know Yourself / Exploring Careers
  • Applying for a Job
  • Interview Skills
  • Preparing for the Future
  • Taxes

  • Taxes and Your Paycheck
  • Tax Returns
  • Taxes and Government
  • Budgeting

  • Financial Goals
  • Income and Expenses
  • Budget Worksheet
  • Yearly Budget
  • Banking Services

  • How Banks Work
  • Checking / Savings Accounts
  • Electronic Banking
  • Other Banking Services
  • Saving

  • Savings Institutions
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Investing

  • Corporations
  • Mutual Funds
  • Researching  Investments
  • Retirement and Other Investments
  • Credit
  • How to Qualify
  • Sources of Consumer Credit
  • Credit Rights and Responsibilities
  • Maintaining a Good Credit Rating
  • Housing

  • Rent
  • Own
  • Insurance

  • Auto
  • Home
  • Life
  • Health
  • Teaching Methods

     This Class is taught through lecture, chapter reviews, independent study readings, group study and guest speakers.  Students are given worksheets to supplement the chapter reviews.


  • Tests and quizzes that include true / false, multiple choice, matching, short answer and essay questions.
  • The teacher will evaluate group discussions.
  • Completion of homework and daily discussions
  • Text

    Miller, Roger Leroy, Stafford, Alan D.  Economic Education for Consumers.  Cincinnati, Ohio: Southwestern Educational Publishing, 2000.

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