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Prerequisites: Open to all students
Level: 9th –12th
Credits: 1.0 – Social Studies
Additional: This course is accepted as a social studies credit for H.S. graduation.
This course is accepted as a social studies credit for college admission.
This course is accepted as a social studies credit by the NCAA.

Course Description

Geography is a study of the work and it’s divisions into political units. The study is highlighted by use of atlases and maps to give students an idea of the locations of the various countries of the world along with a good base of knowledge of U.S. and local Geography. Current geographical problems are also discussed.

Course Objectives/Goals

  • Students will know and apply concepts of physical and human geography.
  • Students will analyze political systems of various countries.
  • Students will be able to describe climates using terms from class and where various climates exist.
  • Students will know how history has affected both the United States as well as other countries.
  • Students will know basics about economic geography around the world with a concentration on The United States.
  • Students will be able to use maps effectively to locate countries, cities, landforms, and bodies of water.
  • Course Outline

    1. Introduction to Geography

  • A Geographer’s World
  • Earth in Space
  • Atmosphere and Climate
  • Landforms
  • Patterns of Life
  • 2. Human Geography

  • Global Cultures
  • Global Economics
  • Resources and Environmental Change
  • 3. The United States and Canada

  • Introduction to the United States
  • The Northeastern States
  • The Southern United States
  • The Midwestern United States
  • The Interior West
  • The Pacific States
  • Canada
  • 4. Middle and South America

  • Introduction to Middle and South America
  • Mexico
  • Central America and The Caribbean Islands
  • Caribbean South America
  • 5. Europe

  • Introducing Europe
  • 6. Southwest Asia

  • Introducing Southwest Asia
  • 7. Africa

  • Introducing Africa
  • 8. Russia and Northern Eurasia, East and Southeast Asia, South Asia, The Pacific World and Antarctica

    Teaching Methods

    This class is taught through lecture, chapter reviews, projects, presentations, independent study readings and videos. Students are given worksheets to supplement some of the chapters.


    Tests and quizzes that include essay, short answer, matching, multiple choice and true/false questions.
    The teacher will evaluate group discussions.
    The teacher and other students through accuracy of information and how well they are presented will evaluate oral and written presentations.
    Completion of homework and daily discussions.


    Boeh,. Dr. Richard G. World Geography & Cultures. New York, New York: McGraw Hill Companies, 2008.

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