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Prerequisites: Open to seniors only
Level:              12th grade
Credits:          1.0 – social studies
Additional:     This course is accepted as a social studies credit for h.s. graduation
                        This course is accepted as a social studies credit for college admission
                        This course is accepted as a social studies credit by the NCAA

Course Description
Sociology is an elective for seniors.  The class is taught in a circle and discussion is the main method of instruction.  All topics are discussed openly.  Occasionally, due to the increased numbers in the class, the students now write for a while to help formalize their opinions and thinking process before the actual discussion begins.  This is done to help stem the tide of peer pressure, which can influence the course of a discussion.
The sociology class begins with the individual and progresses through the stages of human interaction and how man acts and reacts to the group. 

Course Outline

  • What is Sociology?  Learning the difference between the various social sciences
  • The “Book of Me”
  • Human Nature, Nature vs. Nurture
  • Culture( Cultural influences on human development)
  • Social Institutions (Family, Education, Religion, Government)
  • Aging and the Elderly
  • Inequality
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • The Gay Rights Movement
  • Juveniles within the Prison System
  • Deviance


Teaching Methods

  • Discussion
  • Students are encouraged to discuss a wide range of topics relating to man and his interaction with others.
  • Projects
  • The “Book of Me”   In this book the students do special pages relating to their likes, dislikes, goals, fears, wants, favorite things, favorite places, favorite people, disliked things, disliked people, view of the world and view of life. Socrates once said that all knowledge stems from the principle of know thyself.


  • Students will be assigned a religion and will complete a research project using the different sociological methods employed by sociologists.  Students will present his or her findings to the class
  • Students will be assigned an event or individual famous in the Civil Rights Movements.  Students will research the given topic and present his or her findings to the class.


  • Students will create a Public Service Announcement regarding the consequences of deviant behavior.  Topics include Texting and Driving, Drinking, etc…
  • Digital Media Used within the course:
  • Secrets of the Wild Child
  • The Breakfast Club
  • Short clips from Seinfeld. King of Queens, The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants
  • Trevor
  • When Kids Get Life


  • Special Reading Assignments

1.   Each student will receive a copy of The New York Times Upfront.  Students will receive a copy of the magazine each month and will then answer questions and discuss with their peers the various topics being discussed that month.

  • Writing Assignments
  • The students do many writing assignments relating to their opinions on a variety of topics.  Not all students are comfortable with discussion and this is a way to give all students a chance to express themselves.


  • Analytical Studies
  • The students do a study of children’s literature looking for sexual, occupational, racial and religious stereotypes.
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