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World History
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Prerequisites: Open to all students
Level: 10th-12th
Credit: 1.0 – Social Studies
Additional: This course is accepted as a social studies credit for H.S. graduation. This course is accepted as a social studies credit for college admission. This course is accepted as a social studies credit by the NCAA

Course Description

World History traces the course of world civilization from the beginning of man to post World War I. An emphasis is placed on the 6 elements of civilization and the contribution of past societies on our current world.

Course Outline

∙The First Civilizations and Empires, Prehistory-A.D. 500
∙The First Humans
∙ Western Asia and Egypt
∙India & China
∙Ancient Greece

∙New Patterns of Civilizations, A.D.400-1500
∙The World of Islam
∙ Early Africa
∙The Asian World
∙Emerging Europe
∙The Middle Ages

∙The Early Modern World, 1350-1815
∙Renaissance & Reformation
∙ The Age of Exploration
∙ Crisis and Absolutism in Europe
∙ The Muslim Empires
∙ The East Asian World
∙ Revolution & Enlightenment
∙ The French Revolution & Napoleon

∙An Era of European Imperialism, 1800-1914
∙Industrialization & Nationalism
∙ Mass Society & Democracy
∙ The Height of Imperialism
∙ East Asia under Challenge

∙ The Twentieth Century Crisis, 1914-1945
∙ War and Revolution
∙ The West Between the Wars
∙ Nationalism around the World
∙World War II

Teaching Methods

∙This class is taught through lecture, discussions, guided readings, analyzing primary source documents, projects, presentations, and map work
∙Through the semester films are shown. Students use critical analysis to discover accuracy of the films. Also, films are used for creative thinking skills. The films are not always shown in entirety, only clips.
Films include: 300, Troy, Gladiator, Memoirs of a Geisha, etc…  


∙Tests include essay, short answer, multiple choice, fill in the blank questions and document based questions.
∙Completion of worksheets, special readings and maps
∙Special projects and presentations


Spielvogel. Jackson J., World History. Columbus, Ohio. The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2008.

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